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Maybe you’re here and you really want to build an attractive, kick-booty brand…

I hate to break it to you, but you might not be ready…

Maybe you haven’t tested your idea yet.
Maybe you have
no audience.
Maybe you
don’t know enough about how you want to structure things.
Maybe you’re
afraid of starting.
Maybe you have
no idea what branding is or what it can do for you.

You’re in the right place.

You know you need help establishing a professional-looking brand, but you don’t even know where to start.

Pause for a sec. Maybe that’s not you and you ARE ready to invest in an expert. In that case, step into my office here.

But if you’re just starting out, THE WORST thing you can do is spend a bunch of time and cash on a brand and a website and a business before you’re making a profit.

Enter, our Brand Blueprints.

We’ve curated an entire library of Brand blueprint templates to get you started on building your online, visual brand, so you can start making money TODAY.

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What’s included:

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Access to a fully customizable template in Canva

This means you can use everyone’s favorite design software (the free version!) to design and manage your own brand. Canva is a tool utilized by most online business owners and is the tool we offer our brand kits through. This provides a 100% customize and easily drag-and-drop style guide for you to build your visuals off of.

Editable Primary Logo, Secondary Logo, and Icon

Yes, this includes your very own logo design, completely editable to your personal name or your business name. This comes with 3 different options for a logo design suite including Primary, Secondary, and Icon design. With these options, you will always have a logo that fits, flows, and becomes ingrained in your audience’s brain.

Editable Color Scheme

That’s right, you get access to an already-made color scheme matched with the brand template you download. Use it as is and start implementing into your social templates, website, or print materials right away, or edit it to your hearts’ desire.

Editable FONTS

Dang! Each kit comes with it’s own font collection that is paired perfectly with the accompanying logo and color scheme, making content creation a breeze from the get-go! Edit as you wish, or keep it and start implementing right away.

Editable Mood Board

Don’t forget, each kit comes with a page of already-curated images that you can use as inspiration for your new brand. Simply visit www.unsplash.com to shop for similar imagery and build your own library of images to use on your socials, your website, your print materials, and more!

Space to write your Brand Pillars

Lastly, (and maybe most fun!) you get a whole page dedicated to your brand pillars. What’s a Brand Pillar you ask? It’s the set of principles that keep your people coming back for more. Brand Pillars explain who you are, who you serve, and how you show up online and off –as well as serve the purpose of content pillars so you never have to wonder what to post on social media, ever again!

With each Brand Blueprint, you’ll get everything you need to look legit online without spending your kids’ college savings.

hoose your favorite below and make the changes via Canva until you have a brand you can run with!

How does it work?


Step one: Choose your favorite Brand Blueprint from our shop.

Step two: Download the PDF Instruction Guide.

Step three: Click the link in that PDF to access your Template on Canva.

Step four: Sign into Canva, go to File > Make A Copy

Step five: Edit away! You can add in your own logos and elements or simply edit and use the ones included!

Step six: Start implementing your brand with your new visuals!


Can’t decide which brand you want? Take this quiz to find out your best blueprint fit!

A PEEK INSIDE one of our best sellers



Why do I need a brand blueprint?

A Brand Blueprint (also called a Style Guide) is the easiest way to keep your branding cohesive across platforms and offerings. It helps you establish your brand guidelines so that creating images, designing webpages, and outsourcing projects to your team are a breeze.

How much can I customize my Brand Builder?

You can change absolutely EVERYTHING or very little about your Blueprint. We recommend changing the logo to your name (obviously) and making sure the colors fit with your brand style.

I’m confused. Can anyone buy the same brand as me? How can I make it unique to me?

Great question! These Blueprints are pre-made with the ability to edit. You can change them up as much as you'd like. I created them simplistically enough that just a few changes made to them will quickly differentiate you from others. That being said, nothing beats a custom brand design! If you choose not to customize it yourself or hire it out, others who purchase a kit will have similar branding to yours.

Is the logo that we see on the templates the only option that comes with each one?

With each Blueprint, you get a primary logo, secondary logo, and an icon design that are each editable. You have the ability to change the shape, color, text, and typography style - which makes for an endless amount of logos you can end up with, with a little tweaking. Some have elements which won't change, like for example the flowers in the logo for theFLORA.

Can you walk me through how to use my template?

Yes! Once you purchase and download the PDF, you’ll find the link to a video walk through as well as the link to the Canva template. Make sure you make a copy of it to your own account!

What if I don’t know how to use Canva?

Canva has a great tutorial section if you’re just getting started! That can be found here. If you’d like to edit in another program such as Adobe Acrobat or Illustrator, shoot us an email here: hello@thehigginscreative.com

I want to get a Brand Builder, but I’ll need help knowing what to do with it!

We got you! Sometimes the hardest part of branding is personalizing it to fit your specific needs. That’s why we offer the option to upgrade to a call with Lilah! Simply add a 1:1 call to your cart before purchase and you’ll be sent a scheduling link via email.

How do I decide on my colors?

If you can’t decide on how to edit your colors, We’ve got a course on Choosing Your Brand Colors (also available for Skillshare members!) that you can take to determine your Color Scheme here.

Can I add my own/edit the logo designs?

Yes and yes! You can edit the logo included OR add your own design.

Do you offer refunds?

Due to the digital nature of the product, we do not offer refunds. However, if you have a specific issue please feel free to contact us at hello@thehigginscreative.com and we will help you out!

Have a question we didn’t answer? Email us.