What even is branding?

My favorite definition of it is: "Branding is what people think of you when you're not in the room."

It's your impact, what you're known for, how you're perceived.

You already have a brand, did you know that?

People already have a perception of you and what you can do to help them.

The real question then becomes, what am I putting out into the world?

The Higgins creative was able to get our job SO fast! The best part... the quality was still there, actually it was better then we expected, we had a vision in mind and she created that vision and more! Could not be more excited. So grateful for her and her team!

Everything we could ask for!
— Brett & Rochelle Bohannon, Lehoba

If you're like a lot of my clients, you want a brand...

...that you can be proud of.
...that you can easily implement.
...that you aren't afraid to talk about with strangers.
...that brings all of the good that you offer the world into simple and effective visuals.

Right? (don't we all...)

Like I tell all my clients and students, branding doesn't have to be complicated, it just needs to be intentional.

And that's what I helped hundreds of entrepreneurs do over the last 5 years.

As a busy Boss Mom I don’t have a ton of extra time, so the fact that Lilah made the process so easy and fluid made my life so much easier.

She is a diamond in the rough, and joy to work with. Hire her now!
— Dana Malstaff, Boss Mom

I've brought my clients' ideas from seedlings to towering empires, all because of a strong brand VOICE + VISUAL presence.

And I can help you do the same.

Lilah’s talent is fantabulous. Her creative chops are oh-so-impressive. If you’re a business that needs someone to breathe new life into your brand, Lilah is your gal.
— Suzanne Brown, Mompowerment

If you...

...are not sure how to talk about your business
...are scared to share, because you feel scattered
...have tried and tried to make a logo you love, but can't ever get there
...have hired designers from sites like Fiverr & 99Designs only to feel 'meh' about the work
...are ready to step into Entrepreneurship like you mean it and start making waves in your world by doing what you love

Then let's chat!

My name is Lilah Higgins and I'm a serial hair-dye-r. (Is that a thing?) I grew up in entrenched in fine art classes. I soaked up all the knowledge I could from my almost-magically skilled teachers and grabbed at all the resources I could to learn everything I could about design. When I became an adult, I tried to work a "normal" job and lasted 10 months. I've been an entrepreneur ever since and haven't looked back. Together, Zac and I bring in more than enough to support our family and lifestyle. All due to solid branding, a team of skilled members, and the support of our tribe.

It's my goal and pleasure to work with talented, kind, purpose-driven entrepreneurs and I can't wait to connect with you and help you pursue your God-given dreams.


So how's this whole thing work?

the design Process is simple...


With our background in fine art, all brands begin with a logo and all logos begin on pencil and paper - and a happy helping of caffeine. We gather all of your ideas and dreams and moments and desires and encapsulate that inside of a single image that speaks every piece.


Once we've got three designs for you sketched out, we digitize them in simple forms for your review. Every design contract comes with 3 rounds (9 total first draft options) although we rarely have to move passed our very first drafts because one usually pops out to you right away.


It's your moment to choose which design you'd like to move forward with and improve upon. As we've been told, "Success in the tweak, not the pivot." So we tweak and tweak and tweak some more, until your image is so resoundingly you, you can't decide if you want to cry or laugh.


Once we settle on a design, we work to build your brand out from there. We can then move into Color Schemes, Font Options (now including custom fonts), Opt-In Designs, Workbooks, Social Media Templates, and so much more!

I brought my dream and new online business idea to Lilah at The Higgins Creative and trusted her to create the look and feel of my luxury brand. I was not disappointed. Not only did Lilah “get” my business, but she connected all the dots with the branding. In the end, I had a brand identity that was the perfect match to the vision I had for my business. I am proud to be a client of Lilah and The Higgins Creative.
— Cheryl Mauldin, Elite Women In Business