ready to step into your core calling and build a brand around YOU?

What if you could build a business online around things that really matter to you?

You have a message burning inside. It’s time for it to come out.

Let me guess...


…LESS time free-falling to burnout and wondering if anything you’re doing is worth it.
…LESS time negotiating prices, caving for less $$ than you want, and working on crap projects.
…LESS time letting facebook suck out your soul.
…LESS letting your business run you into the ground, financially and emotionally
…LESS time refreshing your email wondering why no one wants to pay you.


…MORE time to go adventuring with your ever-growing kiddos
…MORE ability to break down and share what your message can do for your clients.
…MORE confidence to charge what you WANT and book $1000+ clients.
…MORE joy in SERVING your dreamy unicorn clients (because you actually like them…)
…MORE emails from PayPal that say “You’ve Got Money!”



This program is for…

The service-based business owner who wants more freedom AND money.
The corporate dropout who wants to quit her j.o.b. and pursue her life’s calling.
The realtor who wants to move work online and sell more than house.
The designer who wants to shirt her business from freelancer to CEO The doctor who wants to be free from shift work and give people real help online.
The CEO who wants to do work that matters to her and still bring in revenue.
The influencer who wants to move past affiliate marketing and start offering something REAL to her audience.

Brand, Serve, Lead is an online group coaching program designed specifically to help take your brand from confused to confident.



You have something unique to offer the world. The real question is - how do you position yourself as a leader and serve your people well?

The answer is through a personal, living, breathing, profound, and true-to-you brand.

Journey alongside Lilah and a group of entrepreneurs as she takes you through the process she takes her 15k clients through, but put into a step-by-step process for YOU.

Six weeks of training, Q&A, feedback from Lilah, and accountability with other entrepreneurs in similar spaces - moving towards what God is calling you to + truly starting to step UP in your business!


What's Included?

This is a 6-week intensive with direct support from Lilah and your fellow enrollees. Here's the syllabus:

Week one. | UNCOVER YOU.
Training: 10 questions to get unstuck.
Find out what makes you unique and how to position yourself based on your skills and personality.

Get into the mindset of a leader
Learn how to monetize your strengths and attract the right clients

Week three. | CORE NARRATIVE
Craft your core narrative and learn how to talk about your brand
Tap into your story, your skills, and your calling to propel your message forward

Learn Lilah’s tricks for getting inside the headspace of your ideal client, moving past their income range, age, and favorite tv shows, so you can speak directly to their core problems

Learn how to set up your brand so you can share whatever you want
Amp up your messaging as you speak the things your client actually needs to hear.

Week six. | Implementation Week.
Time to implement and review your progress!

BONUSES available until september 14th

BONUS #1: 2 Q&A's via Facebook Group.
Each week, you'll get access to me via a private Facebook Group to ask your questions & get 1:1 attention!

BONUS #2: Custom Designed Media Kit

BONUS #3: 1:1 Call with Lilah.

Jump on a 1:1 call with Lilah, so you can get your specific questions answered and get unstuck!

For the skimmers:

Once a week live training on branding & messaging.
My signature process on uncovering your core brand.
Accountability to share clearer, braver posts.
Strategy for overcoming fears and smashing goals.
2 live Q&A's to get your questions answered.




ready to nail your message?


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"At the point I hired Lilah, I was "stuck" and the lack of having a brand was the reason. Once we finished working together, I instantly was able to move on and bring the rest of my vision to reality."

"Lilah brilliantly used her intuition, artistry, and branding genius to create a sense of cohesion and clarity regarding my brand vision. I'm blown away by how effortless the process was!! You owe it to yourself (and your business) to work with this powerhouse."

"She asked me things about me and helped me cast a vision for my business - and that totally changed the trajectory of my business to something that really resonates and gets me excited! I'm already taking daily steps to take this new path. She didn't TELL me to do anything, she just asked me the right questions and helped me craft plan to move me forward."

"Not only has Lilah helped me unpack the who, what, why and how behind my business - she’s also helped me break through the limiting beliefs that were keeping me stuck, frustrated, and ready to throw in the towel. Working with her has resulted in the clarity, focus and confidence I needed to fully embrace my purpose and and serve people well through my work!"

"Lilah's challenged me to think and dream bigger, while helping me find the language and develop the strategy to bring my big vision to life."

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