WElcome to day one of the Make More Time Challenge!

Today, we're going to discover two 15 Minute spaces.

Finding The Time

from Kelsey: 


Do the dishes before bed - This will not only give you a few extra minutes in the morning to squeeze in some work before the kids are up, but it will also start your day off better by waking up to a clean kitchen!

Institute an independent “freeze time” - Set a timer once or twice throughout your day that will indicate that it’s time for everyone to freeze what they’re doing and have 15 minutes of quiet, independent time.


From Lilah:


With the time you save from doing the dishes before bed, sit down and make your to-do list for the day. Make two columns, one for home & one for business and choose 3 (only 3) top priorities for the day. Then under each of those sub-categories, list out the tasks needed to actually accomplish that. Keep your list with you throughout the day to keep you on task.

When you begin your "freeze time" sit down and evaluate how you've done on your list. Mark off the things you've accomplished and have a dance party for the things you've done. YOU ROCK!