WElcome to day three of the Make More Time Challenge!

Today, we're going to discover two 1-hour spaces.

Finding The Time

from Kelsey: 


Make double batches of your meals - This hardly takes any extra work on your end, but makes a BIG impact the following day when you don’t have to make dinner! Saves you lots of time AND stress.

Only check email and social media ONCE per day - The amount of time the average person spends reading and responding to email/social media each day is staggering. Instead of keeping on top of these things as they come up, set aside specific times during the day that are dedicated to getting caught up. Doing this will make you so much more efficient, AND minimize distractions from doing other things.



From Lilah:


With the time you find by pre-batching your dinner ahead of time, set up your social media posts for the week. Using an app like VSCO cam, schedule out everything you want to post. Use the site Iconosquare for Instagram to determine your most active times for posting and schedule your posts for those times in the day. Schedule your posts with an app like Later & you can quickly add your latest post without spending 20 minutes per post putting it together from scratch.

When you're not constantly checking notifications, put your phone away and give yourself some head space. It's amazing what moments of quiet will do for your creativity. Above all, use your time on social networks wisely.

As a thank you for going through our entire 3-day challenge, Lilah has put together an easy tutorial on how she Arranges her instagram feed using vscocam.


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