WElcome to day two of the Make More Time Challenge!

Today, we're going to discover two 30 Minute spaces.

Finding The Time

from Kelsey: 


Shower and do your hair before bed - Doing these personal care things will help you sleep better, ensure you won’t be interrupted AND allow you more time in the morning to get straight to business.

Utilize drive-time - Obviously you must bear safety in mind here, but the precious minutes we spend driving here and there for errands shouldn’t be wasted! Especially if you’re in a season of life where you are your kids chauffeur to and from school, activities, etc.



From Lilah:


With the time you find in the mornings for showering the night before, sit down and send out/reply to 5-6 emails. If you don't have any to reply to, send some out! Reach out to your favorite podcasts, bloggers, or influencers and introduce yourself. Let them know you're interested in collaborating. The answer is always NO if you don't ASK.

Take a few moments before finishing up your email time to download your favorite podcasts & interviews. Plug them into your car speakers and learn from the best!