Signature Brand Package


You need a logo, but you want more than that. You want a brand you can be proud of, that's seamless to integrate into your business, and you can present to the world with excitement.

As one of our clients said, "I want to be obsessed with my branding so it's easy to share what I make!"

This package is for you if you are getting started or rebranding.

Our Signature Brand Package includes:

- Primary Logo
- Secondary Lockup Logo
- Icon / Abbreviated Logo

All origin files included and includes limited licensing.

- Font Curation & Creation

- Color Scheme & Mood Board

- Custom Texture Suite

- Suggested Stock Photo Collection

- Media Kit

- Full Style Guide


Author Media Suite

Social Media Template Suite

Custom Illustrations

Website Setup via Squarespace


a month

3- and 6-month contracts available.

We work with a limited number of clients on retainer. This means that regardless of what we're designing, creating, or consulting on, our retainer clients get the flat rate of $100/hour (saving you over $500!). Hours roll over each month if left unused and are available for use in design, consultation, template creation, tech support, or system design.

This package is for you if you need a creative mind on your team long term.

Retainer packages are completely customizeable, depending on your needs, but often include:

- Logo Design

- Workbooks

- Course Curriculum

- Custom Illustration

- Opt-In Design

- Web Site & Landing Page Elements

- Social Media Prompts and Imagery

- Custom Art Textures & Patterns

A la Carte design work


All A La Carte Projects are charged at the hourly rate of $150. Design process typical takes 2-3 weeks depending on the size of the project and the detail work involved.

We work with our team to deliver graphics that are thought-out, well-crafted art and 100% unique to our clients.

This option is for you if your brand is already established, but you need a few elements added.

A la carte work varies, but often includes:

- Tee Designs

- Social Media Template Suite

- Product Label Creation

- Custom Illustrations

- Handpainted Textures

- Handlettered Fonts or Phrases

- Opt-In Design

- Book Cover Design

- Instructional Booklets

- Conference Swag Bag Items

...and more!