How does the design process work?

Once you're signed on with your deposit, we'll send you an invite to a shared Trello board. This is where we'll share inspiration photos, ideas, comments, and your very first drafts. This process continues until your final files are uploaded and you can download them directly from the board!

To learn more about how Trello works, click here.

What am I getting by paying more than other designers?

We've spent the last 5 years researching and targeting a very specific type of people and they're flocking to our doors daily. This is entirely due to our mission and the visuals that represent it. You visuals shouldn't just be pretty, but they should draw your clients/customers in and actually convert them for you. This is an investment in better marketing and a brand that works for you while you sleep.

What does it mean to be a retainer client?

Being a retainer client means that you work with us on a monthly basis. Every retainer client pays a $500 deposit up front to secure their spot and start date. Once you're locked in, you pay a monthly fee (separated into three tiers) that includes a certain amount of hours/images depending on your needs.

how do I reach out to zac or lilah for a phone call?

We're excited you want to chat! See our schedule here:

what if i just want to hire you for one design project?

It's a much better deal to work with us long term, or within a package, but you can see our a la carte design prices here:

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