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brand-building doesn’t work alone.

The gurus tell you,

“find your audience!”
“hustle until you get results!”
“manifest the life of your dreams!”
”cut out the people who bring you down!”
”positive vibes only!”
”trust the universe!”

And frankly, you’re just tired of it.

You need people who get YOU - and tell you the TRUTH.

But, you ask “Where do I FIND those people?!”

First, let’s talk about something.

Business is JUST PLAIN HARD alone.

  • It’s hard to have an idea that nobody gets.

  • It’s hard to follow God’s call when it feels ridiculous and counter-culture.

  • It’s hard to put something out there you created that FLOPS.

  • It’s hard to discern the best option when you have a plethora of choices.

  • It’s hard to wonder what the heck you’re doing wrong and why you aren’t seeing the result you want.

You wish you had a community to bounce ideas off and a network to exchange with - exchange ideas, drafts, services, and sales.

But you just can’t find them. We get it. We’ve been there.

And it’s time that changes for you.



Community is the catalyst for getting visible, making money, building trust, and captivating your audience - because they ARE your audience.

And you know what made it better? The group of people around us. Our people didn’t just randomly find us. (And if you’re waiting around for that, you’ll never find it.)

You have to make it happen. You have to connect and be intentional about making real, authentic connection and construct your network.

You see, we believe a brand is only as good as its ability to resonate WITH PEOPLE.

But it’s hard to know what people think and how they react to something if you don’t even know where to begin to find those people.

And besides, does that even work?

After 8 years as online entrepreneurs, we’re here to tell you NO. It doesn’t work.

We have a better idea.


so what’s the solution?

  • You need accountability and community with other like-minded people

  • You want to uncover and define the core message God has placed inside of you

  • You need to challenge your view of impact, success, and monetary gain

  • You desire to see your actions make impact and make a difference

  • You’re tired of hearing the world’s message and want a fresh wind of truth

  • You feel alone and like no one in your space gets exactly what you are trying to accomplish


There is SO MUCH noise online.

SO MANY gurus telling you what you should be doing.

SO MANY lies telling us what success should look like.

SO MANY fads. SO MANY trends. SO MANY ads.

SO MUCH pressure to make it happen for yourself.

We love the internet. But it’s time to get real with ourselves.

Is the content we’re allowing into our heads ACTUALLY helping us grow our business?

Not from my view.

It’s only hindering the calling’s God’s placed on our lives.

And the answer isn’t to quit cold turkey - it’s to replace these lies with truth.

This is our spiritual battleground and it’s time we stood together to own the territory God’s given us.

You ARE called to more.

You KNOW you’re made to make an impact. To share boldly. To cultivate the kingdom here on earth.

This aching you have inside to be MORE, do MORE, and become MORE?

It’s God in you.

We believe it’s time to rise up.

To take our place in this online space and bring love and light and joy and peace that is only found in Jesus to our audiences.

But you can’t do battle alone.

That’s why theForge was born.

the FORGE exists to meet your need for meaningful connection with other business owners who will stretch you as well as provide you a place for connection.


 Hey there, Lilah and Zac here.


In our own story, the ability to leave the traditional workplace and build something from home solved so many problems, but accidentally created the problem of isolation.

We’ve worked from home together for 2 years now and have seen God move in mighty ways throughout our business and life since.

We see a giant hole in the online space for a community of Christ-followers.

What we have now in the way of Christian communities is…

  • Communities that are too strictly doctrinal, with little practicality and lots of judgement

  • Communities that are flowery and use Christian-ese and pink script font (gag)

  • Or Communities that lack any sort of structure, sound wisdom, or just feel icky

We want to change that.

We’ve built a strategic, functional, easy-to-use, non-cliquey place to come be, grow, and rest in the midst of a noisy internet.

Picture us like the member lounge at the airport - but with better coffee...

We’re here for you. Because we believe in you.

And we believe in the crazy things God is calling you too.

And we want to make sure you don’t feel alone or lost or confused in the process.



The word “forge” has several definitions:

  • It's a place of refining.

  • It's a place where weapons are formed.

  • It's a person who creates a new path.

  • It's someone who imitates another.

  • It's an action that shows a new way.

And we believe these things are all crucial things to cultivate when we consider becoming the leaders in our spaces.

We coach using the wisdom of the Bible and the Holy Spirit at work within each of us. When we tap into this power, we see that life isn’t meant to be done alone.

We believe that we are supposed to succeed together

We believe that the process of growth requires experimentation

We believe that we are designed to be on adventure

We believe in taking action excellently on the callings God’s entrusted to us

You have the chance to become unhindered, unashamed, and undaunted.

But you aren’t meant to do it alone. We were made to be in community.

The internet has provided an excellent opportunity for building scalable businesses, but in the process, many of us have become isolated.

We find comfort in our similarities as Christian's and business owners, and also seek diversity so that our ideas are challenged and so that we grow.



  • The structure and strategy to grow your business confidently

  • The assuredness that others are praying over you and cheering you on in your business

  • The accountability to follow through on your goals

  • The extra eyes and ears on your brand message, presence, and content

  • The confidence that comes with knowing you’ve got a tribe



  • A weekly roundtable training full of people who get you

  • A monthly coaching training with Lilah & Zac

  • A private online community with all members to connect, hire, and collaborate

  • Voxer access to Lilah & Zac for specific questions or design review during office hours

  • 10% off any agency work booked with The Higgins Creative while in the community 


We’re still putting final touches on all the details, but if this sounds like something you need then subscribe to get more info!



What our clients are saying

Your group coaching helped me to focus and make progress with my business mindset especially when I needed it most. I love your talent to draw out the best in people, and you helped me to get more clear on my goals and always pointed us to keep God the focus of our business work.
— Charity, Life Coach
I am so proud of my brand. It’s been there all along, but I needed someone to pull it out and put it in words.
— Jena, Strategist
I joined Lilah’s Mastermind as I was transitioning to something new in my business. It gave me a safe space to test out new ideas, and a supportive community where we explored how faith impacts our businesses. Because of this group, I was able to really connect my faith calling to what I do in business, and it has made all the difference in my motivation and productivity.
— Maria, Web Developer