As a coach, you help women transform, but you know your visuals aren't resonating and reflecting the transformation you offer.

That's where The Higgins Creative comes in.

The Higgins Creative is a premium, full-service brand agency for coaches and consultants who want to streamline their brand visuals and get visible.

We are involved from the origin of your brand to the execution and implementation. The designs we create work to fill the gap between consumer and company, client and coach - all through the art of evoking emotion and using the experience of design to cultivate real connections.

We believe that when art meets strategy, real connection happens.

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Since 2011, we've worked with top-level coaches, store owners, influencers, online business owners, consultants, and corporations to help them build branding that actually works and converts their fans into loyal customers.

It's time to build a brand that works.

You're in the right place if...

• You see the need for great design, but lack the time to implement.
• You're ready to be taken seriously and create a premium client experience.
• You've tried to create graphics, but still aren't connecting with your target market.
• You aren't ready to hire an in-house designer, but need one who functions as one.

With 15+ years of fine art training and 6+ years working in seasoned businesses in the online coaching space, we know how to help.

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Meet Lilah

Chief Creative Officer

Brand Designer & Fine Artist who's super power is composing your baby idea into a brand that changes the world.

Favorite food: Ahi + avocado.

Connect with Lilah on Facebook.

Meet Zac

Chief Technical Officer

Podcast Guru & Tech Extraordinaire, who's super power is making tech work, so you can focus on your own super powers.

Favorite food: Dots. Yes, Dots.

Connect with Zac on Facebook.


Meet AnnaKate

Production Designer

Designer + Brand Strategist, who's super power is capturing your vision and implementing your brand into your content.

Favorite food: Chili.

Learn more about her work.


Meet Katie

Head Illustrator

Illustrator & Hand-Lettering Expert, who's super power is enhancing your visual brand with character.

Favorite food: Matcha.

Learn more about her work.



Production Designer

A Jane-of-all trades, who's super power is learning & executing projects perfectly & lightening fast.

Favorite food: cornbread & chili.

Learn more about her work.

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I am totally feeling that my website and social media presence is finally feeling cohesive and not suffering from my crappy design attempts anymore. My whole brand is more me, and more cohesive - and I’m getting great compliments from clients too!
— Annette Ferguson, Annette & Co.

"...If you want a brand that stands out online, working with The Higgins Creative is a must!"

I just had a fantastic experience working with The Higgins Creative! I needed help making my my brand look more professional and polished. Oh boy, did Lilah deliver! I couldn’t be happier. Thank you so much!
— Anne Murch, Earthly Grace
They championed our brand and was so quick in their turn around time. Everything entrepreneurs could ask for!
— Rayna Mann, Furthermore

"...Everything entrepreneurs could ask for!"

The Higgins Creative Team takes the time to get to know their clients in order to create cohesive and upscale brands. If you want a brand that stands out online working with them is a must!
— -Entrice Rowe, Life Coach & Author
It’s great to have a design team that knows me well enough to execute with excellence.
— Jordan Gill, The Kolada Group
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