It's Time You Start Valuing Your Own Work + Get Serious About Building Your Design Business.


I've been where you are. People view your design work as just a hobby. Your income ebbs and flows, and you find it impossible to stay afloat. Maybe you’re getting some clients, but you’re still struggling to make a sustainable income, leaving you stuck in a low-profit sinkhole.

Do you know that as a designer, your work is vital to this world?

We are the beauty-bringers, the light-chasers, the ones who put form and color and weight together to support the ideas of others. To do that, you need to start investing in yourself and your growth as a designer.

Finally, this is the opportunity
you’ve been waiting for.


Imagine sitting at your dining room table strategizing with other like-minded designers about how to grow your income and build a business out of your design skills.

The conversation is lead by a compassionate, yet direct coach who sees the big picture and pushes people past their limiting boundaries.

Sounds dreamy, right?

I’m so pleasantly surprised she’s willing to tell you everything that she does to get clients and constantly grow. It’s motivated me to finally get out there and start doing. Lilah is such a doer where as I was stuck too often taking courses and finding “busy work”. If you’ve never hired a coach for your design biz, then you’re missing out on ways to scale.
— Franzine Mackley

Income By Design is a limited-enrollment, online group mentorship program for designers who want to shift from a dying to a thriving design business.


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Autumn Boyd, Legal for Creatives

Erin Ollila, Copywriting

Screen Shot 2017-09-01 at 5.32.41 PM.png

Renee Hribar, Sales


Kathryn Moorhouse, Pinterest Optimization


Jordan Gill, Systems & Client Management




What Can
Income By Design
Do For You?

Let’s face it: you can be an artist all day, but if you don’t have the business side of things down, you can’t sustain yourself and your family.

This group coaching program was developed to help designers gain confidence in their services, put proven strategies into practice, and scale their design businesses.


If you’re ready to sit in the driver’s seat and turn your side gig into an actual business, this program will teach you how to:

Asset 1.jpg

Set Up Your Business.

The how, why, and even legal considerations.

Asset 2.jpg

Create Your
Own Brand.

You are your own design client now.

Asset 3.jpg

Present Yourself
Well Online.

Treat your website like it’s your sales rep, and shine on social media.

Asset 4.jpg

Identify, Attract, + Maintain Clients.

You deserve the best of the best, so don’t settle for less than unicorn clients.

Asset 6.jpg

Choose + Maintain
Streams of Income

It's time to make money, honey. The first time you wake up to more money in the bank is GLOR-I-OUS.

Asset 5.jpg

Implement Systems + Automations

Working smart creates more time to design a life you love.

Asset 7.jpg

Manage Projects
+ Happy Clients.

Avoid burnout by harnessing time to your advantage, while keeping clients happy.

Asset 8.jpg

Grow Your Team
+ When to Outsource.

Go from solopreneur to CEO so you can stop feeling like you're drowning in tasks and to-dos.

Asset 9.jpg

Enjoy Steady Income!

Let's face it, it's time to finally feel like a legit designer.


Income By Design Was Created For You if:


  • You’re a motivated designer who wants to increase your profits and make a name for yourself in this busy business world.

  • You’re sick of people treating your business as if it’s a hobby.

  • You’ve got the skill and the drive, but no one to teach you the business know-how.

  • You know you have the design chops, but you can’t figure out why you don’t have the clients.

  • You understand the purpose and world-changing capabilities of design and you want to do it full time.

  • You just graduated from design school, and you want to start your career succeeding immediately.

  • You’re hesitant to put your services out there because the fear of rejection weighs heavily on you.

  • You’re tired, burned out, and working to your top capacity, yet still not bringing in the income you know you deserve.

  • You’re ready—like really, really ready—to change your life and create the business you’ve been dreaming of for years.

Sound like you? The first students in this
program grew by 200% in the first month, so
don’t miss your chance. Apply to enroll now.

Meet Your CoacH

Lilah Higgins.jpg

Hi! I’m Lilah Higgins, founder of The Higgins Creative and the Wake to Make movement. I’ve been in your shoes. Prior to running a business that now supports my entire family, I was once a self-taught designer struggling to strategize a way to build a sustainable business.

It wasn’t until I invested in a coach that my business grew dramatically. In two months, I booked my first client. In six months, I made 10 times what I had invested. In a year, I earned enough for my husband to quit his job and then onboarded him into my team.

Now, I'm bringing in numbers that predict a six-figure income year. All because I valued my skill and understood that investing wasn’t a risk. It was a smart business decision.

It’s my belief that every successful business owner needs someone to come alongside them to push them to the next level, and I can be that person for you.

This type of program brought me people who get me and still hold me accountable. Let me come alongside you and pass down the wisdom I gained from my experience, various coaching programs,  and business  workshops I’ve had the privilege to be a part of.

But, here’s the best part: unlike most business coaches, I can guide you through the lens of being a designer, like you, with industry-specific methods and systems. I can speak to the artist that lives within you, to break down mindset blocks, teach you how to value your work (no matter how easy it comes), and come alongside you to create a business that sustains the lifestyle and life-change that you’ve been aching for.

If you’re going to make an investment in your business, you want to know what you learn is worth the cost. I get it. This group mentorship program will take you step-by-step through building your business. Each week, we’ll tackle a brand new topic.

Are you still unsure if I’m the right person to coach you through growing a business? Let’s get to know each other a little better. Click into my schedule for a quick call to determine if we’d work well together. But, do it right away, before enrollment fills up!

  •  Branding

  •  Time Management

  •  Website / Portfolio

  •  Getting High-Paying Clients

  •  Streams of Income for Designers

  •  Systems and Automation

  •  Service Packaging

  •  Client Management

  •  Social Media Management

  •  Project Management

  •  Hiring Your Team


I’ll show up weekly—hopefully, you will too—for live Q&A calls to dive deeper into the training videos.

There’s no fluff here. Each week’s lesson will be practical advice for you to implement in a specific tailored-for-designers order.

In addition to our in-the-moment time together, there will be training videos, worksheets, and other resources you can digest on your own schedule. And besides our work together, you’ll also learn from guest experts who specialize in each week’s super-focused topic.

If you’re ready to put the time and energy into this program, I’m dedicated to supporting you, guiding you, and holding you accountable to thrive as a designer with a sustainable and growing business.

Asset 16.jpg
  • Prerecorded Training Video

  • Live Q&A

  • Access to Resources & Expert Training

  • Access to Lilah & Other Students via Slack Group

  • and more!

(hint: keep scrolling for more details & upgrades)


You know you’re worth the time and effort of creating a business that sustains your design dreams. So, take the step to invest in this intimate, intensive learning experience.

Remember that dining-room vibe I talked about before? That’s what you’ll get when working with me. This program is designed to deliver close access to your peers, guest experts, and me, your coach. Your success is important to me, and I want to help you realize your value, and then earn the income you deserve.

Oh, and one more thing: if you’re considering waiting and maybe joining in the future—don’t.

These rates are an introductory offer that immediately increase after the first cohort graduates. I know the value of investing in coaching, but I also understand wanting the best deal, and this, my friends, is the best this deal is going to get.

Enrollment Ends Soon, So Pick The Package That Suits You Best And Apply To Enroll Right Away

Asset 10.jpg

Composition Package (unlimited)

• Access to Student Portal
• 10 Training
• Expert Training Videos
• Resources

Asset 11.jpg

Scale Package (limited)

• 10 Training Videos
• Expert Training Videos
• Weekly Q&A Group Call
• Resources

Asset 12.jpg

(Gold)en Ratio Package (limited)

• 10 training videos
• Access to expert training videos
• Weekly Q&A Call
• Resources
• 3 1:1 Training Calls with Lilah



$500/mo for 3-months
$250/mo for 6-months


$1000/mo for 3-months
$500/mo for 6-months


3 payments of $1350
6 payments of $670

Ready to build your design business from the bottom up? Spots are limited. Apply to Enroll Now.

Don’t Just Take My Word For IT...

Lilah was super encouraging and helped me get clarity in regards to pricing and valuing my work and basically figuring out who I’m designing for
— Carrie
She not only understood my brand and brought it to life, she did it without me feeling like I was managing a project. It felt more like I got to go on a fun adventure. She is a diamond in the rough, and joy to work with. Hire her now!
— Dana Malstaff, Boss Mom

“Working with Lilah was a super refreshing experience."  -Marissa

Lilah gave me practical steps to implement my ideas during our first session alone! Then during our second call we discussed what worked and what could improve and she gave me more to do to grow my business.
— Brynne
Working with Lilah was a super refreshing experience. Her project management was spot on and she kept me up to date on our project the whole way through.
— Marissa

So, Are You A Business Owner Or Just A Doodler?

Companies and entrepreneurs are taking bold moves to stand out from their competitors, but what are you doing as a designer to be a cut above the rest?

The first step is valuing your skill enough to take the initiative needed to secure your financial future. So, how do you get there? You invest in yourself and your future. Let me guide you on that path.


Invest in your future.
Apply to enroll in the intimate Income By Design group MENTORSHIP program right away.

Remember, enrollment is extremely limited.