It'S NOT Brand surgery course curriculum.

Module One

Knowing Your Client

Knowing Yourself

Project 1: The Client Map

Translating Your Voice Into Your Brand

BONUS: Knowing Your Brand Words


Module Two

Logo Design Basics

Sketch to Vector

Smooth Logo Design

Project 2: Designing Your Logo


Module Three

Color Theory

Font Basics

Project 3: Collecting Hex Codes

Deciding Which Colors To Use In Your Brand


Module Four

Staying On Brand

Social Network Refocusing

Self-Promotion on Social Networks

Project 4: Building Your Brand Board


Module Five

Do You Need A Facebook Group?

Becoming an Influencer Online

Project 5: Using Templates to Build Social Network Graphics

BONUS MINI-COURSE: Uncomplicating Instagram ($49 value!)


Taking Beautiful Photos

Using VSCOcam to make a consistent feed

Using Later to schedule

Telling Stories

Posting the Same Things Over and Over

What to Include in Every Caption

Making Hashtags Pretty & Effective

Finding Your Insta Besties

Interacting on Instagram Daily Checklist