We couldn't make any of this business happen without our amazing team members. Read more about the people who make The Higgins Creative and the Wake To Make Movement!


Lilah Higgins
Owner & Designer

Lilah Higgins is a Brand Designer to Creative Business Owners & Coaches. When she’s not chasing around her babies or working alongside her techie husband, she is providing her clients with logos & branding that converts and design consultation. She drinks her coffee iced and enjoys opening her home to people and telling the stories of Makers & Creatives. She's also the founder of the #waketomake hashtag on Instagram. You can find her at



Zac Higgins
Owner & Audio/video manager

Zac Higgins is the editor of the Wake to Make Podcast as well as any video content produced by the Higgins Creative. When he's not editing, he can be found at the library with the kids or the dog park with Sam the GSP. If you're looking to start your own podcast, check out his editing services at



Kathryn Moorhouse
Pinterest Expert

Kathryn Moorhouse is a Pinterest Strategist, marketing addict and obsessive planner with a passion for helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses through strategic marketing with Pinterest. When she's not teaching entrepreneurs the secrets of Pinterest, she's drinking way too much Iced Tea and traveling with her husband. You can find her at or on Facebook @katmoorhouse.



Katie zupan
Designer & illustrator

Simple lines and intentional design. Katie is a one-stop shop for many design elements. Her background is in Illustration, but she loves graphic design, animation, video, photography, and tactile work. She runs her own small business called doki dokii, crafting Japanese-inspired ceramics for your everyday rituals. She currently lives in Denver, CO and is constantly dreaming of when her next matcha soft-serve in Kyoto will be.


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