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(HOLD UP! You don't think you're a maker?)

Well, let me tell you why you are. Because you bring value to the world through the work of your head, heart, and hands. You bring life to people. You make worlds collide, and mountains move, and chicken pot pie. You give people hope and a roof and cool coffee cups. You make, in so many glorious, beautiful ways, because you were intended to. And I want to help you share that with the world.

Believe me now? Good. I'm glad you're here and ready to #waketomake.

...because that means you're ready to take charge and live the creative life you've always wanted.

...because that means you're ready to:
-support your family full-time
-make good with your hands all the time
-fulfill your natural need to create
-and become a part of a community of Makers who just 'get you.'

YOU'VE COME TO THE RIGHT PLACE if... have a skill, but you lack the confidence & tools to make it work for you're really good at what you make, but no one knows about it want to be taken seriously as a creative maker want all this, but can't wrap your mind around how to start

I made art for a long time before anyone noticed. It wasn't until I began to find my voice and pair that with eye-catching and effective visuals that I actually started to get people's attention. once i did, I realized that putting yourself and your creation out in the world, is hard. And it's near impossible on your own.

Working with me will:

"I was a little lost with the direction I wanted to take my brand, but Lilah helped me narrow down my vision and think about my brand as a whole. I couldn't have asked for a better result!" -Lo Dellandra, The Holistic Darling

-Help you take the first step or the next step in your business
-Instill in you the confidence to live a creatively hacked life
-Change your mindset about the value of your skills
-Equip you with the visuals needed to draw in your ideal customer
-Teach you how to show your audience that your work is worth their time and investment
-Establish your unique voice in a sea of creatives
-Tell you the specific methods I've used to design a life you love to live









Visuals make up a HUGE part of our communication style and to stand out online, your visuals need to be INTENTIONAL.

They may be simple, lovely, fierce, bold, deep, serene, or cheery. But if they're not INTENTIONAL, you run the risk of getting lost.


reasons to hire a graphic designer for your small biz

"Lilah created a space for me. A space that was full of encouragement and empathy. She has not forgotten what it is to be a new maker. I felt empowered by her approach to business; her desire for authentic sales, genuine community and sustainable growth. That's what I wanted but I didn't know what it looked like until I met her. It was her approach to community and authenticity that made me realize that I could have both. A business AND a passion."
–Sara Frank, Marie Lynn Skincare

By ignoring your need for visually eye-catching graphics and design you're probably:

-Sharing posts that few people see & share
-Confusing your audience about what you actually offer
-Missing out on the 65% of your Target Market that learns and retains better visually
-Making your clients work too hard to fall in love with your work
-Struggling to get people engaged and converting to loyal customers
-Allowing people to forget you in the sea of creative businesses

By booking with me, you are not only getting great design work & the encouragement to get your booty in gear. You'll also get:

-Exclusive access to our Wake To Make Tribe
-Shout outs on Social Media to our following of over 5K
-Exclusive Product Reviews & Social Network Audits
-Downloadable Resources to help you start or grow your biz
-& more!

are you ready? let's get to work. CHOOSE THE BUTTON BELOW THAT DESCRIBES YOU BEST: