Episode 12 - Why You Need Live Events In Your Business Life

Why you need live events in your business life on The Wake To Make Podcast

This is the Wake To Make podcast where we support you, the maker, so your making can support you. We’re a husband and wife team inspiring, empowering and equipping makers, just like you, to show you how to design your lives in such a way that your art works as hard as you do and to come along side you to build a thriving creative business.


Has your email inbox been inundated with invites to retreats, events, and conferences to help you uplevel your business this year? Yeah, us too! Today we're chatting about the importance of attending live events for your business and how to prepare yourself for the event. Today Zac is interviewing me (Lilah) about my experience at the Boss Mom Retreat and why I believe attending retreats and events is vital for the growth of your business.

There is a big difference between attending retreats and conferences. Each event has its advantages and it's important to identify which type of event will benefit your business. We're talking about the importance of implementation at a retreat, how to identify what your goal is for attending the event (i.e. learning, networking, teaching, changing your mindset).

If you're wondering whether you should attend a live event or retreat and you're not sure if it's worth the investment then today's episode is definitely for you. We touch on the inquiries I have in my inbox from the retreat (that could have me booked out 6 months in advance), how making connections with people in person can grow your business, how introverts can benefit from live events and some tips I learnt at the Boss Mom Retreat that I'll be implementing this year.

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I believe that all people have the freedom to live their lives in a way that excites them – Lilah

I believe that mindset and identity is key to unlocking the path to living a life you love – Lilah

I believe when people are empowered to make what they love that life gets better and then people come alive - Lilah

I got to hang out with awesome people, awesome clients – Lilah

You need to create profit goals for yourself - Lilah

I like the breaking down of your perceptions of people because that can be not super healthy – Zac

Your perceptions of people can stop you from going out and doing things or reaching out to people because you’re intimidated by them. It can lead to the issue of comparison because you’re bringing yourself down – Zac

About the Wake to Make Movement: The Wake to Make Movement was created to inspire and empower makers and artists like you, to design your lives in such a way that your art works as hard as you do and to come alongside you to build your thriving creative business.

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