Episode 3 - Making A Brand That Speaks Intentionally with Kayla Leppelman

This is the Wake To Make podcast where we support you, the maker, so your making can support you. We’re a husband and wife team inspiring, empowering and equipping makers, just like you, to show you how to design your lives in such a way that your art works as hard as you do and to come along side you to build a thriving creative business.


EPISODE 3: Making A Brand That Speaks Intentionally


When everyone is telling you to take the safe route, the one that will apparently provide consistent income and stability, but your passion and heart is not in it, what do you do? Kayla, knows exactly how this feels and today she is sharing how she made the choice to start her own handmade business and her best tips on how you can create a brand that speaks intentionally.

Kayla is the designer and creator behind Love Sparkle Pretty where she creates bridal adornments of veils, floral crowns and combs with an ethereal and bohemian aesthetic. She's been in the wedding industry for about 7 years now and has shipped her designs all across the world. She works out of her home studio in Southern California where she lives with her husband and two young children.

Today we’re chatting about how Kayla monetized her business sustainably, the challenges she faced going into business full time, how she dealt with burnout, how she creates a consistent income through her handmade business, how she raises the prices of her handmade products and why educating customers is so important.

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Diamonds in the ruff:

I had to learn to say no, so that I could say yes to things that were giving me more joy. – Kayla

Do not start searching for the same items as yours [on Pinterest] because you might get overwhelmed, and start talking down to yourself. You need to set yourself apart. - Kayla

About the Wake to Make Movement: The Wake to Make Movement was created to inspire and empower makers and artists like you, to design your lives in such a way that your art works as hard as you do and to come alongside you to build your thriving creative business.


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