Episode 6 - Improving Productivity with Mindfulness

This is the Wake To Make podcast where we support you, the maker, so your making can support you. We’re a husband and wife team inspiring, empowering and equipping makers, just like you, to show you how to design your lives in such a way that your art works as hard as you do and to come along side you to build a thriving creative business.


As a creative entrepreneur and Maker your mindset has the power to move you forward in business, to design the life you want to live. Without having the right mindset or intention in your life, you’re going to float around without a clear direction. We’re sharing the ways meditation and visualization can help move you towards your goals and create the life you want, without any of the “Woo-Woo”.

We use an APP called Headspace to help facilitate meditation and mindfulness. It helps us battle anxiety, teach our kids to be present in their lives and helps us become mindful and aware of our situations.

Taking time for reading and visualization helps us HELP others through the knowledge and clarity we gain. As a maker helping others is at our core, which means we need to be filled and prepared for that in our day.

Today we’re sharing how and what we visualize when we start our days, how to build a safe place in your mind if you experience anxiety, what following a mentor can do for you as you try to design the life you want to live and important techniques and tips for you to bring meditation and visualization into your day.

How have you implemented visualization or meditation in your day?


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I visualize myself with the projects that I have to do that day, whether it’s dishes or working on a new client. I will design in my head and give myself a starting point so that when I sit down to design I don’t have to go, “Ok what am I going to do?”. – Lilah

I’ll start my day visualizing what it’s going to look like for me to be a loving and patient dad. – Zac

When you’re experiencing anxiety or stress or an emotion that you can’t control it’s because your brain doesn’t know the difference between being in a safe place or being in an unsafe place – Lilah (sharing what her therapist shared with her)

I’m trying to surround myself with authors who have expertise in that field. – Zac

Learning lessons from people who’ve done it, and done it so well and work from home and have that healthy work-life balance is important. It’s important to be mindful of who you’re choosing to mentor you like that - Lilah

I treat it (reading books) like I’m surrounding myself by these mentors. What mentors do I want to guide me through this process – Zac

What do you want for your life, and then you reverse engineer it from there – Zac
I want to be here in 10 years, so what am I going to do today to move towards that 10-year mark - Lilah


About the Wake to Make Movement: The Wake to Make Movement was created to inspire and empower makers and artists like you, to design your lives in such a way that your art works as hard as you do and to come alongside you to build your thriving creative business.


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