Episode 9 - Christina Sims - Creative with Chronic Pain

This is the Wake To Make podcast where we support you, the maker, so your making can support you. We’re a husband and wife team inspiring, empowering and equipping makers, just like you, to show you how to design your lives in such a way that your art works as hard as you do and to come along side you to build a thriving creative business.


Living a creative life in the midst of anxiety and chronic illness is a challenge a number of Makers face daily. How do you wake to make when just waking up is painful and difficult? How do you deal with the negative voice in your head when you can’t make and how do you find that inspiration to keep making? Christina is very familiar with these situations as she faces life with a chronic illness and immigration laws that affect her making. She is graciously sharing her story and how she lives a creative life that is filled with purpose and making whilst facing struggles she can’t control.

Christina is the maker behind Christina Lynn Creative and The Blonde Flame. She is currently a Post Grad student studying a Masters Degree in Creative Writing at the University of Northern England. Originally from Southern California, she is now living in England and her travels have inspired her art in both photography and nonfiction writing. She loves spending time taking photos, writing and making for her own enjoyment and for others to find inspiration from her work. 

Today we’re chatting about how Christina creates in the midst of her chronic illness, how she finds motivation and inspiration to make, why rest and refueling as a maker is the key to a creative life and why your identity isn’t wrapped up in your making and how you can bring light to the world in different ways during different seasons of life.  

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"When your making can’t be your rest and can’t be your outlet, that’s when it starts becoming a job and not a passion." – Christina

"You can’t create unless you engage." – Lilah

“Despite the fact that I can’t advertise, I can’t be a business and I can’t recruit clients or anything like that, I still have people coming to me saying, “we want you to photograph our day (wedding) as a friend”. It’s a confirmation for me that I’m doing the things I love because they’re worth doing.” – Christina

"There’s something to be said for struggling through and then there’s also something to be said for taking a break when you need it." – Lilah

"When we’re making, we’re pushing out a little piece of something in our brains, some sort of passion, excitement or thought. You’ll run dry eventually if you don’t spend time fueling up with experiences, relationships, conversations and rest." – Christina

“How vain it is to sit down to write when you have not stood up to live – Henry David Thoreau” - Lilah

"I think it’s important not to let your making get caught up in your quality of life, financially. It can be really damaging when you associate your financial prosperity with your value as a maker." - Christina

There’s ebb and flow to business, there’s ebb and flow to making and so sometimes it’s going to be fun and fulfilling and awesome, and sometimes it’s going to be a struggle and often those struggles bring forth the most creativity and freshness to your business. – Lilah

About the Wake to Make Movement: The Wake to Make Movement was created to inspire and empower makers and artists like you, to design your lives in such a way that your art works as hard as you do and to come alongside you to build your thriving creative business.
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