Does this sound like you?

• You have a million ideas, but then never bring them to fruition.
• You lack the confidence to share your ideas with the world.
• You cannot sit down and create the content you want to because you don't know how it should look.
• You wish it was easy to build beautiful visuals to share your amazing ideas.

Maybe you need a brand overhaul.

But, Lilah, I don't have the cash. I don't have the time. I can't decide on what I want in my brand.

I've heard it all. And I get you.


But it's time to move on. You have a message to share with the world and it's time your branding stop holding you back from sharing it with the world.


In this challenge, you'll get:

• Clear on your visual messaging
• The basics you need to create visual branding
• A free blank template for tracking your brand visuals
• The freedom from knowing exactly what your brand is saying to the world
• Stress-reduction
• Clarity in how and when to use your brand