Hey Maker!

Ready to finally outsource your graphic creation!?

Because, let's be real, you're too busy making AWESOME STUFF to worry about building graphics to talk about it online. But you know graphics are important, so there's the rub.

Frankly, I'm a TOTAL nerd when it comes to templates and graphics and giving your work the platform it deserves. So I'm here to be your solution!

Let me handle all the graphic creation for your business: your quote cards, blog post images, instagram pretties, fb group prompts, and anything else you simply DON'T HAVE TIME FOR.

It's fun for me, seriously.

Each month, I accept a limited number of clients on to work alongside one-on-one. Basically, I become your Visual Virtual Assistant (say that 5 times fast), crafting your graphics and helping you create templates that you can use to further your brand consistency online and in print. As a retainer client, you'll come in (& stay!) at half of my current hourly rate (woot, right?!) and each month when your payment goes out, you can be CONFIDENT that I've got your making-awesome-stuff back.

Imagine opening up your email in a week and seeing all those pretty graphics for this week's blog posts and next week's product release, READY FOR YOU TO SHARE.

It'd be awesome, right?

Each contract with me lasts 6 months and the amount of hours is set at the time of contract, but can totally be adjusted throughout your contract if you find you want even more of me. *cheese*

$500 is due up front which will lock us together as content-producing-queens. In the first month, we'll be exchanging information & I'll be busy crafting templates that speak your branding.

Monthly Package #1: $150
Worksheet/Opt-In Design
10 Branded Images

Monthly Package #2: $350
2 Worksheets/Opt-Ins
25 Branded Images

Monthly Package #3: $560
4 Worksheets
50+ Branding Images
Course Launch Branding Pack

If you’d like to customize your monthly package, you can tack on extra time at $35/hour.

Before we begin, I love to chat with you to hear about your brand and biz and make sure we're a good fit! Click the button below to schedule a quick 15-minute call.