Welcome to the day your business changed forever.

So you have a business, some clients, and a few ideas up your sleeve for growth... But you want MORE.

You want to make an empire, leave a legacy, step FULLY into who you are - you're tired of falling short, feeling behind, and not being like *them.*

That's right, you have big dreams, but you don't feel ready to step into them.

You want to be the next Marie Forleo, Chalene Johnson, or Nicole Walters but what you don't know is this: Those women have a secret weapon.

They have a mission and a brand that is FOCUSED.

You can have it too.

Enter your secret weapon, the team that changed your business forever.

Our team will equip you to lead the charge in your industry. All you have to do is show up.


We've helped dozens of coaches, influencers, and online business owners build brands and launch effectively in their industry.

• Like Kendra, who had multiple 50k launches.

• Like Sharon, who booked her first high-ticket client within one month.

• Like Cheryl, who launched and filled her group coaching program.

• Like Ashley, who houses thousands of women in her membership space.

• Like Melanie, who works with 6-7 figure business owners with her high-ticket coaching program.




This is where you'll figure out how you show up, who you help, and what you offer. During this phase, you'll work alongside our Copywriter, Tara to develop your copy.


+ Name + Tagline Generation

Let's hope on the phone, research your desired market, and create a name you're excited to share with your audience!

+ Mission

To move forward with a solid brand, you've got to know how to talk about it. Let's build out a one-pager that explains what you do, who you help, and why your business exists!

+ Manifesto

You've got to get your people excited about your vision and brand, so let's break it down into a manifesto that summarizes the things you're most focused on as an entrepreneur and business!


THC_VIsuals Icon.png


This is where we create all the visuals you need to show up online and stand out in your industry - focusing on the emotional connection between you and your client.


+ Logo Design & Icon Design

Primary and Secondary Logo Design, 3 Concepts, 3 total Revisions. A single, simple icon that speaks volumes.

+ Color Scheme & Typography

A unique color scheme with all the codes you'll need to implement. Hand-Chosen Typograhy, so you can stop guessing which fonts to use.

+ Brand Guidelines

A fully functional, corporate-level Style Guide for implementation by you or your team members. One-Pager/Media Kit Included!

+ Business Card Design

Simple, effective, printable.


(psst... click the '+' on each item to see what is included in each phase.)

Website Icon.png


This is the phase where we get your ideas and the visuals that convey those ideas out into the world. You get a fully-customized website and upgrade your socials to reflect your new brand!


+ Social Media Design

  • Facebook
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter
  • Instagram

+ 3-Page + Blog Custom Designed Wordpress Site

  • Hosting, WordPress & Divi Theme Setup
  • Planning & Brainstorming
  • Homepage, About, Contact and Service / Work With Me page
  • Blog Setup
  • Email Opt In Form Setup
  • Key Plugins & Widget
  • A Custom Divi Child Theme Developed by Sam Munoz

+ Optional Upgrades

  • Custom Brand Photography with Katie Chase (+$2,000)
  • Additional Webpage (+$500/per)
  • Done-For-You Website Copy (+$450/page)
  • eCommerce Setup (+$2800)


This is your time to really shine! You get everything you need to implement your new branding with your current launch, whether that's launching a podcast, a program, a course, or an x-wing! ot really, but you get the point...)

+ One Expansion Pack of Choice

Your choice of one Expansion Pack, including marketing materials for promotion. Includes launches for Podcast Launch, Book Launch, Program/Course Launch & More. See all available Expansions here.

+ Website Tutorials

Learn how to use your new site, how to add new content, and how to navigate updating and managing your site.

+ Instagram Launch Schedule & Social Media Templates

Get our Signature 30-Day Launch Plan for your Instagram Profile and templates for Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

+ Optional Upgrades

  • Additional Expansion Packs (+$2000/per)
  • Custom Marketing Plan with Casey Gromer (+$2500)

Showing up? It can't be that simple, can it?
Yes. It can.

You see, I've built a team of experts. From design to strategy, from marketing to copywriting, I've pulled the industry experts together and built this experience for YOU. So that your brand can grow and finally STAND OUT.

This is a 4-month process, from start to finish.

That's right, 3o days to complete each phase.

That's because we know that building a brand is a process and we want you to be equipped and ready to start building a legacy with your name on it! Me and my team will hold your hand and walk you through every piece until you're confident and ready to launch your business with a BOOM.

We don't just provide a brand identity, we provide an experience that will change your business forever.

Want to learn more? Schedule a no-obligation call with our team here.

In each phase, we're collaborating with the experts in our network that we've built solid relationships with who will work on your brand and partner with us in building your legacy as a business owner.

The base investment for the Total Brand Package is $10,000, but you have the ability to utilize our Optional Upgrades as well.

This can be broken up into 4 payments of $2,700 or paid in full for $10,000.

What are you waiting for? Schedule a call today to learn more.

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